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11 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bring Out Elegance: Explore these 11 elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair. These wedding hairstyles will steal the show at any wedding!

Your wedding day is an exquisite moment where every detail matters, including choosing the ideal hairstyle.

Long locks provide endless opportunities to express yourself while complementing your bridal ensemble— be it an updo, cascading curls, or elegant braid.

You bet you can make your long hair look like a stunning work of art!

But first, here are a few things to consider before browsing your new hairdo!


What are some timeless wedding hairstyles suitable for long hair?

Here are some of the most requested hairstyles for long hair that are popular for weddings!

Elegant Chignon: Often considered elegant, this elegant hairstyle is a low bun positioned on the nape of the neck that exudes refined and polished style. It’s perfect for formal weddings. It can be embellished with accessories like crystal hairpins or pearls to give it a touch of class!


Classic Soft Curls: Soft curls add a romantic and dreamy charm to any bridal look, creating the perfect setting for romantic veils and accessories.

Style them with a deep side part for old Hollywood glamour or sweep back loosely for a relaxed, whimsical style – both options work beautifully!

These versatile hairdos work wonderfully well with different accessories and veils for bridal wearers alike.


Half-Up Half-Down Style: This hairstyle combines the best elements from both worlds – elegant updo styling with the youthful charm of loose locks.

For maximum impact on wedding days, customization options like twists, braids, or floral accents make this ideal for rustic outdoor ceremonies and chic urban celebrations.

Furthermore, its support provides exceptional support for veil or headpiece use, making this an excellent option to consider during long wedding days.

These hairstyles go beyond aesthetics to provide comfort and style on your special day.


How can I ensure my hairstyle stays perfect throughout an event?

Consider products designed for long-term hold to keep your style intact from vows to the dance floor.

Moreover, it’s highly advised to consult a hairstylist who can determine what products will work best with your hair type and anticipated weather conditions.


Are accessories recommended for long bridal hairstyles?

Absolutely, YES! Accessories are where you can shine, girl!

Beautiful accents like floral crowns, delicate hairpins, or even an elaborate tiara can add the finishing touches that complete any bridal ensemble in elegance and class.

Your hair will look stunning, and your wedding hairstyle featuring your long hair will steal the show at a wedding event, sister!!


11 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Here are a few stunning wedding hairstyles guaranteed to leave all guests speechless on your special day.

1. Ethereal Cascade Curls

Show off the beautiful length of your mane with Ethereal Cascade Curls, perfect for showing it in all its splendor.

Image via Studio Finch

Show off the beautiful length of your mane with Ethereal Cascade Curls, which are perfect for showing it in all its splendor.

Have your stylist apply an anti-frizz product so your curls remain beautifully polished from the ceremony to the last dance.

This style embodies elegance and radiates light, making it ideal for brides wanting their hair to match their smile on their big day!


2. Botanical Romance Waves

Botanical Romance Waves

Image via Cassidy Parker Smith

Let your love for nature shine through with Botanical Romance Waves, complemented by a stunning flower crown.

Choose from a subtle array of greenery or vibrant blooms to crown your loose waves, crafting a look that centers on the natural beauty of your bridal headpiece.

This hairstyle enhances your facial features and integrates the splendor of floral artistry into your wedding day ensemble.


3. Side Fishtail Braid

Side Fishtail Braid

Image via @barefootblondehair

The side-fishtail hairstyle isn’t simply a hairstyle. It’s an expression of individuality and style.

Ideal for a bride who’s not afraid to let her style shine through, this braid combines traditional with a contemporary style, resulting in a look that is both romantically rustic and stylishly elegant.

When you are getting married, allow this braid to be a beautiful trail over your shoulders, symbolizing your love’s tangled and stunning journey.


4. Glam Ponytail

Glam Ponytail

Image via @hairicome

Make your way into the spotlight by wearing a glam ponytail that exudes Hollywood class.

The voluminous hairstyle was created for weddinggoers who want to be noticed by sporting a hairstyle that is as bold and vibrant as their personal style.

The large volume and full-bodied curls of this ponytail guarantee that you don’t just look like a superstar but appear like one too, and set your look apart from the traditional low-updos.


5. Brushed-Out Waves

Brushed-Out Waves

Image via @natalieannehair

These smooth, brushed-out waves offer a timeless hairstyle option for the bride who believes in understated elegance.

Adorn this silky canvas with a sleek tiara or an avant-garde barrette to add a modern edge.

This hairstyle strikes a stunning balance, allowing your wedding dress and veil to captivate the audience while the gentle waves echo the whispers of romance.


6. Chicly Tousled Topknot

Chicly Tousled Topknot

Image Source of Benjamin Smith

Enjoy the art of subtle style with a high bun that strikes the perfect equilibrium between a well-groomed and charmingly messy.

It’s a perfect match for the contemporary bride regardless of whether she’s deciding to say “I do” in the warm Napa Valley sun or amid the peace of snowy mountain peaks.


7. Braided Half-Up Style

Braided Half-Up Style

Image via @hairicome

A braid can be more than just a hairstyle; it can be a canvas for expressing your unique bridal look.

This half-up braid marries the ease of loose hair with the sophistication of an updo.

Accents of baby’s breath interwoven among the strands add a delicate floral touch that brings the entire style into the realm of enchantment—a testament to the beauty in simplicity.


8. Elegance Adorned with Pearls

Elegance Adorned with Pearls

Image Courtesy of Alicia Mink Photography

Pearls, a symbol of timeless beauty, find their way from classic jewelry into the realm of hair adornments.

This California bride’s regal aura was amplified by her sleek chignon and a pearl-studded headband, a bridal hairstyle that spells sophistication and drama.


9. Bohemian Topsy Ponytail for long hair

Bohemian Topsy Ponytail for long hair

Image via @barefootblondehair

Make the celebration even more festive by adding an unexpected spin to a classic ponytail style!

This boho-inspired hairstyle combines inverted mini ponytails for an eye-catching topsy-tail effect that exudes both elegance and joie de vivre.

Ideal for the boho bride, this piece encapsulates carefree love while boasting intricate detail and texture.


10. The Trendsetting Top Knot

The Trendsetting Top Knot

Image Courtesy of Phillip Van Nostrand

A top knot is not just a style statement; it’s a bride’s ally against the summer heat.

At her New York City wedding, one bride showcased a chic updo that celebrated her hair’s natural texture, proving that sometimes, the best styling tool is no tool.

For those marrying amidst florals or wearing a botanical-themed gown, consider accentuating your updo with beaded floral hair pieces to complete the look.


11. Elegant Side-Swept Curls for long hair

Elegant Side-Swept Curls for long hair

Image via @hairandmakeupbysteph

Elevate your bridal hair with luscious curls swept gracefully to one side, adding a layer of old-world charm with a standout vintage pin or comb.

This style not only showcases your curls but also frames your face beautifully, ensuring that every glance captures the essence of your wedding day’s magic, perfect for fulfilling the cherished “something old” tradition with poise.



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Feature image via Cassidy Parker Smith